Shear thickening fluids are:

  • Smart

    STFs are engineered nanomaterials that instantly and reversibly change from a liquid to a solid-like material in response to impact or stress. Using a patented method of integrating STF into high performance, engineered textiles, we create advanced STF-Armor protective equipment that moves with the wearer but reacts instantly to provide protection when it is needed. The thin, lightweight STF-Armor can easily be integrated into PPE for occupations that demand the highest degree of flexibility, dexterity and sensitivity.

  • Versatile

    STF materials offer proven protection against puncture, impact, stab and ballistic threats. Protective materials with STF were originally developed through a collaboration between the University of Delaware and the United States Army Research Laboratory. For more information on the science behind shear thickening fluids and high-speed videos of ballistic testing of STF fabrics, please visit the STF Fabrics Homepage

Shear thickening fluids have recently been featured in the news, including